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Waiting for myself

And now when I have almost everything I need – one thing still missing I can make myself on our CNC milling machine. Now I am waiting for myself 😉

Days only have 24hours and since I still work on other projects, the time for mine is scarce. Thus this delay in any updates and actually also the reason for – again – postponing my bike trip.

But as I was 40 this May, I promised myself a longer vacation and to cycle from my home towards Portugal. So I am doing everything to finalise all the open projects and start turning pedals as soon as possible. Even if it brings some delay to my own RotoWallet project.

Watch out this space for the next update best diet pills for women. And have a great summer!


From prototype to market

I guess you are wondering what I am up to right now and why there are still no photos of the RotoWallet on my blog read this.

I am in the process of converting a prototype to a serial product. Small series that is, but still. Prototype is one thing, but when you want to start producing, small – expected and of course also unexpected problems turn up. And resolving those might take more time than we’d like. This is exactly what so often happens with Kickstarter projects. As they are mostly fundend still in prototype or even in an early concept stage and when they succeed with possibly even higher backer number than expected, the pressure to bring the final product to market is great as backers often get frustrated with delays.

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So how did I come to slim / minimal wallets?

I am not exactly sure but I think it was actually on Kickstarter a few years back when I first found out about this crowdfunding platform. I saw a slim wallet design and I immediately liked it. As I always have and have had a problem where to put my wallet.

Since then I always liked to check out new development in this field but mostly all these wallet designs offered no solution for carrying coins. So not acceptable for me as I sometimes even have more coins than paper in my wallet 😉 It was finally FusionWallet which solved the coin problem.

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