About my inspiration

So let’s take a quick look at what other mini wallets are available on the market…

First the FusionWallet which inspired me to start thinking of my own product. What I like most about its design are the wooden sides. My favourite would be wallnut (or cherry and pear – the reddish type of wood) and those kinds at that with lots of irregularities, not the “clean” ones.


I like the simplicity of the Fusion wallet and its minimalist design. The fact that you can see screws which are kind of a design feature. And what is the winning reason for my praise? It is the fact that it holds coins. Finally a very nice small technical wallet with storage for coins!

So yes, I like the looks and the feel of wood. After wood I like the cold feel of metal and carbon fiber would actually be the last on this list. So why did I choose carbon fiber for my sides? Because of its strength. At thickness of 1,5mm it is very stiff and does not bend much, so it is a perfect material for the walls of the wallet, though I’d say it would be easier to work with titanium or aluminium. Less messy at least 😉 Or this might just feel like it to me as I am used to working with aluminium and steel moulds and have never fiddled with carbon fiber before.

Seeing FusionWallet a few months back made me think: I want one! And then a few moments later I started thinking I can actally make my own. As I am a CAD/CAM engineer and we have our own mould workshop near Maribor in Slovenia.

And once I started thinking about constructing my own minimalist wallet, I came up with some new ideas I’d like to bring into the Fusion design. So I decided to construct one in Creo and this is how RotoWallet was born. Since the first design and prototype I’ve done many changes and I am finally at a stage where I can say I am satesfied with the new creation and I am about to assemble the first mini series to see how all the tolerances and everything fits together and how it functions in reallife settings.

So how did carbon fiber end up in my design? A friend of mine is an expert in carbon fiber and he, also just recently, created his own product collection under the name Carbon Evolution. And as I was helping him with some millig of aluminium moulds I’ve been in his workshop a few times and thus also in contact with carbon and his product collection.

Carbon-evolution-beltCheck it out and you will see he really makes some great stuff! So it was a kind of logical choice to ask Jure to lend me some plates for my initial prototype and testing. And because of good results I just stayed with carbon plates. So here I am 😉

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