Innovative use of strong magnets

Keplero Luxury wallet can be as thin or as thick as you need it to be. Thanks to their innovative use of strong magnets to stack plates together.

keplero-luxury-walletYou can store cards on either side of each plate and you open up the wallet like a paper folding fan. This makes it easy to find and acces the card you need.

They also offer an extension for coins what I actually haven’t noticed before… So another great feature! And you can simply add or remove any plate by de-/attaching it to the rest of the stack via a strong magnet centered on one side.

They’ve been very successful on crowdfunding platforms Kickstarter and <a href="https://www weight loss” target=”_blank”>Indiegogo as they’ve raised more than 1,7mio US Dollars for their wallets. Amazing!

Check out Keplero Luxury Wallet website for more info.


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