Versatile, customisable and upgradable

From the ground up I designed the RotoWallet to be versatile, customisable and upgradable. What does all this mean?

First of all there will be left and righthanded models available. As we  each hold the wallet in a different hand and this will allow it to feel more natural for everyone.

You will be able to upgrade the base with optional extras based on your needs and habits website link. Upgrades currently in the process of design are: money clip, adjustable third compartment, RFID/NFC blocking  and two electronic modules. More about the later follows 😉

All aluminium and titanium parts will be available in various anodised colors so you will be able to choose your preferred color combination to best fit your style. I am also considering to add an option for wooden covers but this will be tested later on.

To achieve all this customisation and upgradability you will of course also need to be able to disassemble and reassemble the wallet yourself. So this was one of the challenges from the first design stage. This also means you will be able to replace any of the parts in case you decide to do so. Either because it got scratched through use or you want to have a different color.

And versatile because you will be able to use it to store payment cards, banknotes, coins, keys or anything else you now have in your wallet – like a condom? 😉 And inspite all this it is still a minimalist wallet just slightly bigger than a credit card and only 14,5mm thick.

I am also working on a special iteration for women. So this further adds to the versatility…


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