From prototype to market

I guess you are wondering what I am up to right now and why there are still no photos of the RotoWallet on my blog read this.

I am in the process of converting a prototype to a serial product. Small series that is, but still. Prototype is one thing, but when you want to start producing, small – expected and of course also unexpected problems turn up. And resolving those might take more time than we’d like. This is exactly what so often happens with Kickstarter projects. As they are mostly fundend still in prototype or even in an early concept stage and when they succeed with possibly even higher backer number than expected, the pressure to bring the final product to market is great as backers often get frustrated with delays.

But delays are actually normal in the new product development. There will always be obstacles to overcome and as it is, this always takes time – how much time is not so easy to predict. This is also the reason why I decided to first produce a small series of RotoWallets before I actually offer them on the market. At the same time I am looking for best ways to produce all the separate pieces to bring costs down. As this will greatly reflect on the end product price.

I assume I will have all the parts for the first ten RotoWallets ready for assembly in about 14 days. With this first “zero series” I will get the information whether tolerances work well together and whether anything needs to be changed either from the product usage perspective or to simplify the production process.


At the same time I hope I will also be able to tell more about RotoWallet and its release date. As I do not want to be out with photos and specific solutions too early. And if everything works out OK, I will have some friends test the wallets and I will also take one or two with me on my summer cycling trip. This will be a thorough test πŸ™‚ But more on that follows.

There is one step I left out in all this: thorough market research. Well, yes I am familiar with minimalist wallets available out there. And with their prices, but I do not have much financial information or market demands. So my college professor would definitely not be satesfied πŸ˜‰ I guess I would also not get a bank loan, but luckily I have my own funds and I beleive in my product enough to spend a few thousand Euro for the project. And of course also my time. I even postponed my cycling trip because of it πŸ˜‰

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