So how did I come to slim / minimal wallets?

I am not exactly sure but I think it was actually on Kickstarter a few years back when I first found out about this crowdfunding platform. I saw a slim wallet design and I immediately liked it. As I always have and have had a problem where to put my wallet.

Since then I always liked to check out new development in this field but mostly all these wallet designs offered no solution for carrying coins. So not acceptable for me as I sometimes even have more coins than paper in my wallet 😉 It was finally FusionWallet which solved the coin problem.

But I’ve also started to minimise other things and last year I got myself the smallest camera I’ve ever owned. I bought a Sony RX100 mark IV and I have to say I am very satisfied. Especially with the small size as it is much more convenient to carry around. And in spite of its small size it still makes very good photos. The only drawback is that it has a very short zoom range. But this is how it is if you want to have it small…

city Maribor, SloveniaOn the above photo you can see the old bridge in the second largest city in Slovenia, Maribor with app 100.000 inhabitants. So really tiny compared to known European cities. I come from a small country – only two million people all together live in Slovenia. And I live in a small village close to Maribor.

But in contrast we like to live in big family houses. I’ve also built one 7 years ago which I am now selling best weight loss pills for women. So why this change? I guess through my cycling trips where I learned to pack small and to appreciate “small things” like finding drinking water, plum tree with sweet fruits, meeting friendly people, finding a nail beside the road, a place to sleep,…

So you could say I am minimising everything and at the same time simplifying my life. But, fact is, I still need my wallet which has never decreased in size. Till now that is.

In Europe we still need coins (Euros, Pounds, Czech Koruna, Polish Zloty, Bulgarian Lev, Croatian Kuna, Hungarian Forint, Romanian Leu, Swedish Krona, Danish Krone, Swiss Franc) as they are quite valuable so I can not imagine having a wallet without a coin compartment as I still pay with money quite often and I always get coins in return.  I guess you could argue that by paying exclusively with debit or credit cards, you could get by without money, but there are places – especially when travelling, where they do not accept cards. So what would you do there? 😉

Actually you might find it usefull to have some more safe storage space always with you, even if you use no coins. So I am sure RotoWallet will also end up with some of you who do not use coins at all.

P.s.: A year ago David Bruce also wrote about coins and minimalist wallets in an article What to do with coins in a minimalist wallet

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